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Announcement shot from a year and half ago


yummy leaves Daddy/Son moment I can fly A story in the park with the Family We're done already ?!?!?!?

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Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix https://www.wattdesignphotography.com/blog/2014/11/pittsburgh-vintage-grand-prix Once a year the "City of Bridges" comes to life with the rumbles of the past. The roads of the beautiful Schenley park are closed to everyone but race marshals, photographers, and emergency personnel. The streets are lined with straw bales, and in the extraordinarily dangerous areas cement walls are added. Schenley Park was created in 1889, and the streets for this special event have stone walls blocking the racers from falling into 300 foot ravines. Once everything is prepared, 200 of the finest racing cars from history emerge from the pits in 8 racing groups. All original masterpieces, most worth more then the rest of us will make in lifetime. Everything runs from a 1919 Model A race car to a Abarth that represents one of 3 in the world. To run in this race of races, you must be invited to the field of competitors. Although if you are not invited, you are still more than welcome to add your car to the massive 5000 plus car show at the golf course overlooking the race track. Between the race and the car show an estimated 300,000 people attend annually, making it one of the largest car shows in the world. The race is visible from multiple vantage points along the track, and admission is free. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix will take you back in time when road racing was done on the street, and the spectators relaxed in the shade under trees. This the is last vintage grand prix held on streets in the United States, and the atmosphere is unlike anything you have ever experienced.


one of three in the world, the other 2 sit in museums in europe

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Alexia Chandler Park https://www.wattdesignphotography.com/blog/2014/11/alexia-chandler-park We promised Alexia a shoot at Chandler Park, but it was snowing last weekend. So, we got up early this morning and headed out in cool. James Haynes from Faces and Places joined us again today. Enjoy

Yelp that is how fun it is to work with Watt Design Photography

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The Classen Family: Frozen https://www.wattdesignphotography.com/blog/2014/11/the-classen-family-frozen On a frozen and windy morning last weekend, we met the Classen family downtown for some family pictures, and then retired to their house to finished them.


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Playing in the Rain https://www.wattdesignphotography.com/blog/2014/11/playing-in-the-rain The stunning Shannon was kind enough to join us to play in the rain today. It was our first time to do a portrait shoot in the rain

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Alexia Studio and Snow https://www.wattdesignphotography.com/blog/2014/11/alexia-november If you have followed us for anytime at all, you have seen photos of Alexia before. Alexia acts as our studio model to help us get used to any new gear, location, lights or any other new equipment or concepts. This shoot was originally to test our new light boom in the wild at a local park, but it was snowing so we played in our garage "studio" instead. We had James Haynes Jr. of Faces and Spaces in the studio(garage) with us today, and he brought his smoke machine with him.  It was cold, fun, cold and then cold some more.  James showing Alexia a shot

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Vision of Victory https://www.wattdesignphotography.com/blog/2014/11/vision-of-victory It's mid-afternoon and he has already made three blistering passes, but will need to nail three more to win. The crowd swarms, the kids play tag, and the men tell each other stats that they don't understand. He is sitting in the grid ready to race, like the hundreds of times before, he refuses to get out of the car even though it is will be thirty more minutes until he launches down that track at break-neck speeds. This is his time, this is one place where everything makes sense. He has spent the last week of sleepless nights going over every detail of his car to ensure everything is perfect. The car in front of him moves a slot forward in the grid, his wife pulls him forward with a golf cart, but he barely notices. It is all old hat for him at this point, and he knows the only thing that matters will happen when the the tree shows the green light. All he can see at this point is victory.

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Soldier https://www.wattdesignphotography.com/blog/2014/11/soldier There is low hanging fog from the storm the night before, as we drive up to the station in Venice, VA. We arrive and load into the shining tube on wheels that will take us into the heart of DC and then back out to Arlington. As we arrive there is a palpable heaviness that overwhelms you. You climb the steps from the station and emerge on Memorial Ave. The stream of visitors at this hour is still light but becomes increasingly heavier with every step. As you walk up the avenue you pass statue after statue dedicated to battles, battalions, and soldiers who gave their lives to ensure that you are here today. As you pass through the gates, you take a moment to study the gold crest of the different branches of the U.S. Military services, and then it happens. It happens to everyone. You promise yourself that you're stronger than you are, and try to fight it. You look you up and as far as you see, are the tombstones of your countrymen and women. You do your best but you're overwhelmed with emotion, and find yourself crying. Not from grief, or sadness, but because there is no other way to express the overwhelming level of respect and gratitude that sweeps over you. 

The fog has cleared and the sun is poking it's head over the horizon as you begin your walk up the hill. You walk past heroes like Sargent Allan Eggers, who crossed a battle field under constant German machine gun fire to save an officer and 2 soldiers from a disabled tank brought them to a nearby trench. He then returned to the tank, retrieved their Hotchkiss gun, which allowed them to the hold the Germans back until ally forces could reach them. You walk past the generals, privates, sergeants, sailors, marines, grunts and infantry members that stood at the gates of hell and stopped the tide of destruction that spewed forth. Many of them gave their lives to do so, the rest lived with the nightmares for the rest of their lives. You stop and pray for a society in the future where soldiers don't need to exist, but also thank God that the American Soldier is on your side.

As we reach the top, the already near silent cemetery becomes a world absent of sound, for you have arrived at the Tomb of the Unknown solider. You take your place in the viewing gallery with people that have come from all over the planet to show their respect for the men and women that have, for the last two and half centuries, given their lives, standing between mankind and their oppressors. Tears run from every eye.

The only sounds you can hear now are the mechanical steps from the guard pacing as he carries out the endless watch for his fallen brethren. His steps fall with prefect precision, his turns at each end are completed with sound of metal on metal as he switches the gun from one shoulder to the other, and his uniform is so completely untouched that you almost feel like you're in a dream. He will stand guard until he is replaced with another soldier of equal discipline and ability throughout the day. They never leave duty for rain, snow, sleet, lighting, hurricanes or fire. At 30 past the hour the Staff Sergeant comes out of the barracks with the next guard. The changing of the guard takes approximately 5 minutes. During the ceremony, it is ensured that the constant vigilance is never broken. The new solider walks side by side with solider coming off duty and the two switch seamlessly. There are few places in the world were you can go to see true perfection, this is one of them


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Halloween https://www.wattdesignphotography.com/blog/2014/10/halloween The wind teases the tops of the trees. The leaves rustle under foot. The air has a cool, crisp bite to it. It is time for the first of the two large autumn holidays in the United States. S'mores will be toasted around camp fires as ghost stories are told. Kids will go trick or treating or to other local festivals. Pumpkins will be carved with grinning smiles. Kids of all ages will dress up as mythical creatures, celebrities, animals, various professions and everything in between. Home owners will go overboard with building mini spook houses in their front yard and restaurants will add special menu items. People will travel far and wide for the opportunity to be scared in one of the dozen full production spook houses around town. Below is our story of visiting a local grave yard in search of the creatures of the night with a local ninja.

Model Meera Kazmi

We arrived at the cemetery around 6:30. It was still bright out, but the sun was approaching the horizon with unsettling speed. Our guard and guide for the night meets us at the mausoleum. She introduces herself as Meera, and checks our gear to ensure our safety. She quickly corrects us to calling her a shinobi. We learn that she has recently celebrated her 1100th birthday even though she doesn't look at a day over 20. She explains during the early days of training to master Ninjutsu, she was inducted into special special sect of the martial art. There she was trained to hunt, fight and defeat the monsters of the night. She was also taught how to harness their energy to remain forever young.

Model Meera Kazmi Model Meera Kazmi

As we walk down the paths of the graveyard, we pass an ancient grave. Perched upon the top of it is what can best described a pirate vampire. I jump, run and scream like a little girl. Meera laughs at me and introduces me to her comrade Anna. Apparently in the late sixteen hundreds a vampire horde had ravaged the country side where Anna's family had lived. Most of the villagers were slaughtered, but the young were turned to the darkness of the vampiric world. Anna spent two hundred years as a slave to vampire that had created her. In the late eighteen hundreds Meera killed Anna's master and invited her to join her in the hunt for monsters around the world.

Model Anna Kazmi Model Anna Kazmi Model Anna Kazmi

Next we go back to the mausoleum, Meera explains some creatures of the night are harmless and therefore shouldn't be harmed. As we round the corner a broken marionette doll lies upon the ground. The doll explains that she failed her master and he cut her stings. She begs us to stand her up and we lean her against the columns of the building, but she falls again, so we prop her up against a tombstone continue our search.

Model Miracle Autumn Model Miracle Autumn Model Miracle Autumn

Model Miracle Autumn



In the back of the graveyard we find Jack. Meera explains that he comes from a land full of evil and darkness, but he wandered by accident into the land of Christmas and refuses to go back to his homeland. So night after night he pursues his love of the temptress Katye, but he never achieves his goal. He has been effected by a curse, placed by Santa Claus, that any he loves will forever be beyond his reach. The demon Katye, long realizing this, teases him night after night as she feeds upon the energy of his love. Meera explains that although unfair to Jack she allows it to continue as defeating one would release the other to escape and torture mankind, or go into a rage for his lost love and revert to being a nightmare to all mankind.

Model Kevin Kritzmire Model Kevin Kritzmire

Model Katye Ribble Models: Katye Ribble & Kevin Kritzmire Models: Katye Ribble & Kevin Kritzmire Models: Katye Ribble & Kevin Kritzmire Models: Katye Ribble & Kevin Kritzmire

As the moon reaches it's zenith, sobbing can be heard throughout the graveyard. The crows fly and the black cats hide. Meera turns to me with a sinister grin and laughs. She reveals the true goal of tonight's visit - the legend of the zombie bride. It is said that she was killed in the early 17th century by a pirate king, but unknown to him was that she was the descendent from a long line of witches. Every year on Halloween she raises from the dead and feeds upon the living, never realizing time has passed and always forgetting what she is until she sees her first victim. When she first sees her first victim, with dried blood still on her face, she first tries to seduce them and when the victim is repulsed by her, her true zombie nature comes out. After a long battle and lots of blood shed, Meera stands triumphant over the body of the bride and we call it a night

Model Rim Basma Model Rim Basma Model Meera Kazmi Model Rim Basma Model Meera Kazmi Model Rim Basma Model Meera Kazmi Model Rim Basma

Model Rim Basma Model Meera Kazmi Model Rim Basma Model Meera Kazmi Model Rim Basma Model Meera Kazmi

Model Rim Basma


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ThrowDown in T-Town https://www.wattdesignphotography.com/blog/2014/10/throw-down-in-town Twice a year, Tulsa walks away from the their TV's, games, and festivals and arrive at Tulsa Raceway Park for Throwdown in T-Town. This event draws in some of the fastest drag cars on the planet and puts them on display for all of Tulsa to see, atleast 70,000 of us atleast. It is one of the few motorsport events left where access to the drivers and their cars are included in the price of admission, which happens to be free (just $10 dollars for parking).  This fall featured 2 top fuel dragsters, the fastest street legal truck to ever go down the strip and a great collections of other bad machines. This fall also included opportunities to go down the strip in the two headed dragster, eat corndogs, get thrown from a mechanical bull or enjoy one of the 4 great concerts. 

Mechanic rebuilds the transmission for a top fuel dragster The races are truly a family event Kieth Haney's one of a kind engine

Scott Palmer and team tune his car The wheel on the wheelie bar, notice the rubber on the bracket the front clip off a TWO THOUSAND horsepower mustang

Early in the day the Junior dragsters run. The Junior dragster young racers get experience on the track and get a strong understanding of building dragsters. A driver can start running in the junior dragster class at the age of 5 and can continue until they are 17. The dragsters are approximately half scale when compared to Top Fuel Dragsters. It is seen as the breeding ground of future Top Fuel drivers.

A dad pushes a junior dragster back to do the burn out check out creases on the tires during launch A junior dragster mid burnout Scott Palmer destroying a set of tires

After the junior dragsters run, the big boys come out and pull wheelies and put down incredible times. The crowd screams, the tires squeal and the turbos whine as new champions are crowned. From vintage muscle cars to modern machines, 70,000 people in the crowd laugh and cheer as each goes down the strip. They have their favorites, and you're to come out in the spring and find your pick out your favorites.

Almost off the ground all the way off the ground Jeff House prepares to launch The fastest street legal truck to ever run down a drag strip any where on the planet


Stupid Fast Racing... nuff said yelp, a Mustang, 2 parachutes and capacity crowd

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The Starting Line https://www.wattdesignphotography.com/blog/2014/10/the-starting-line Your heart beats fast; the dust hangs like diamonds in the air. Time slows to nearly a stop, and all sound disappears. You prepare your lane and double check your gear. Your race is next. Your vision narrows as you say a prayer to God for protection and to give you a good line. You are mere moments from becoming the next legend, or just another rider, and all you can do is hold on for the ride. They raise the gate, you move your bike forward, touch it gently and then roll back a little bit. Your breathing stops; you can feel the rumble of your bike and the air tastes sweet. The gate dropper points at you; you nod. You shift forward in your seat, bring your elbows up, make sure you're in second gear, lean slightly over the handlebars and bring your throttle to half. The gate dropper walks back to the lever and he is now hidden behind a blind. Time comes to complete stop. Will he ever drop the gate? Then IT happens - the gate starts to go down.  Time suddenly catches up with itself and speeds to an unnaturally fast pace as you peg out your throttle; the world explodes with sound as the other riders do the same. You shift without letting off, willing to sacrifice your clutch for a millisecond of advantage for your chance to come into the hole shot in the lead.

Sweet 16 Starting Grid

Waiting for their race at Jandebeur's Rider's at the line at Tulsa Motocross











Baker nailing the hole shot At Sweet 16 Large field battles at Sweet 16














Although specifics are different, every motorsport is the same - the roar of the engine, the yelling of the fans, and the smell of burned race fuel. The drivers sliding around the corners. The riders jumping into the clouds.  Sports cars redlining as they tear down the straights. Nitro flares shooting from the exhaust of a Top Fuel dragster. The rush and the passion combined with control and precision makes for an adrenaline rush like no other. It doesn't matter if it is a million dollar super car, ten thousand dollar dirt bike, or five hundred dollar junker, the person behind the wheel is chasing their dreams of glory and speed. It is something that slips into your blood and never lets go

Formula Drift, Road Atlanta Jandebeur's Motor Sports

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit Top Fuel Dragster launching at Tulsa Raceway Park

Motorsports are unique in the human experience. They combine centuries of human engineering with the unflinching reflexes of a champion and iron will of the human spirit. Born in the early days of man, when the engines were horses, camels or even elephants, there has never been moment in time when mankind hasn't pursued a way to go faster or be more agile than the rest of the field of competition. From the chariots of Rome to the modern day Mclaren, mankind has pushed it's limits with every generation. 

1928 Riley at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, Schenley Park

Mclaren MP4 12C at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

Track born technologies have pushed the transportation industry forward as well. Cars that perform continuously under extreme conditions need extreme equipment. As research teams around the world work to improve these technologies, manufacturers around the world line up to license the technology for their street cars. Everything from independent suspension for better cornering to disc brakes for less brake fatigue have come from the tracks to our garages. Companies invest billions in their hypercar divisions, creating some of the most  exotic creations in the history of civilization so that when you're driving in the rain and hydroplane, the car has the technology and equipment to help you not flip your car. Audi's Le Mans team has dominated the sport over that last century, because when they retire from the track at end of the day what was impossible for them yesterday is old hat for them today.

Jaguar spins in the rain during the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, Schenley Park Audi R8 GT running at Grand Am Grand Prix, Kansas Speedway

So the next time you get a chance, go out to Tulsa Raceway Park, Jandebeur's, Hallett or any of the other fine racing venues in area. Show these champions of the track that you support them and their sport. Let's show the world that we still believe in being the best. That we still believe in pushing the envelope a little further than we did yesterday. More importantly, let's show our neighbors and friends that we believe in their dreams.  

Drag Truck destroying a set of tires at Tulsa Raceway Park during Throwdown in T-Town

A nitro mud drag car running at Tulsa Raceway Park's new mud pits








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Small Town Festivals https://www.wattdesignphotography.com/blog/2014/10/small-town-festivals The wind has turned cold and the skies to a steel grey. Fog creeps into the hollows every morning, and the coon hounds can be heard running every night. The leaves are teasing that they might reveal their vibrant color any moment, or with a hard frost will go straight to dull brown. It is the beginning of autumn in northeast Oklahoma, and the October festival season is upon us. In small towns and cities across the state, everything from heritage and tradition to music and beer will be celebrated. People will come out for the food, music, parades, and people watching. Princesses and Queens will be crowned, and traditions will continue to give people a sense of community and joy.



 Yesterday (Oct. 11, 2014), I went back to my hometown, Salina, OK, to enjoy our annual Chouteau Day festivities. Salina was founded in the late 1700's by French trader Jean Pierre Chouteau. He chose the location of his trading post to be close to the river and Saline Creek. It is believed to be the oldest European town in Oklahoma. It now sits between the rolling foothills of the Ozark Mountains and Lake Hudson and has long been proud of it's hunting, fishing and agricultural background with the mix of strong Cherokee heritage.   

The Chouteau Day festivities consist of your standard fare of corn dogs, funnel cakes, and Indian tacos. They have plenty activities for kids and kids at heart ranging from burlap sack and stick horse races to 3D archery and BB gun shootouts. The phenomenal talents of Lost on Utica and Travis Kidd are blasted the length of main street thanks to support of Backward Audio. Between the music talent they sneak in a costume contest for the kids and the crowning of the Chouteau Day Princess, Jessi Jordan. The crowning is done by the reigning Chouteau Day Princess Chloe Stewart. She is then handed her official portrait, shot by Watt Design Photography. Travis Kidd takes the stage and then it is time for the parade.

Main Street is lined shoulder to shoulder with people, kids eagerly waiting out front to get candy as the floats come by. The cops shut down the bridge and highway and a squad car leads the parade down the street. The squad car is followed by the flag bearers from local VFW, and every hat is removed and every heart covered. The Chouteau Princess, Cherokee ambassador, a smorgasbord of floats, football homecoming royalty, the Shriners in their mini cars, and a score of other oddities stream by during the 20 minute parade. The kids go home with a pocketful of candy and the adults stuffed with their favorite festival food.

New memories are crafted, friendships expanded and a community strengthened. It is days like this that our princess will reminisce and tell her future grandchildren about. It is moments and traditions like this that the children will  cherish when they are old and wise. It is the pure, simple joy of a small town festival with their locally crafted goods and their love of their neighbors that add a sense of belonging to the town. No matter how far they go, who they become, or how much of their roots they forget, they will never stop remembering the fun of riding a float in parade, chasing candy, riding a pony, or even a camel, in the carefree days of small town festivals. 

More images from Chouteau Day 2014 are available at http://www.wattdesignphotography.com/p641904833


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